1. Unsaid Warning


You took my hand
You took my ear
Tasted skin
And bruised my heart

You took my hand
You filled my ear
Looked me over
Pronounced me good
Doesn't it start so easy
When no one cares?
You smile 'cause it flows like dreaming
When no one cares

I promised I'd keep my hands open
To keep track of you
I promised I'd keep my heart open
To hold on to you
You have a way of keeping control
With unsaid warning

Are you seeing?
Are you leading?
Are you running with your eyes closed?
Always in danger of knowing

Are you crying?
Are you hiding?
Are you talking with your mind closed?
Always in danger

You draw a crowd to my mouth
Too many things
Too many boys
Too many girls
Too many ways to be

You make a crowd in my mouth
So many things
So many boys
So many girls
I lose track of me

And now you say there's a devil flying through your head
And it looks a lot like me
But you took my hand
You took my heart
Bound my life and bled me dream

So sure I'll be that devil flying through your head
I'll gladly be that devil ripping through your head
I looked at you thought I saw me
We thought we'd be each other's mirror cracked just for fun

You dripped in idea left a trail I ate it up and now we're lost.