A trailer for 'The Passion Of Joan of Arc' concert in 2019. The critically acclaimed 1928 silent film by Carl Dreyer is brought to life with a haunting new score performed live which re-imagines the classic film (with a new 2018 restoration) with a modern urgency. Combining electronic music with four voice choir and string quartet, Composed and Arranged by George Sarah. To watch trailer CLICK IMAGE to play VIDEO below.

A silent film with live score. CLICK IMAGE to play Video.

The Passion of Joan of Arc. This critically acclaimed 1928 silent film by Carl Dreyer with a new 2018 restoration is brought to life with a haunting new score, which re-imagines this classic with a modern urgency. Combining electronic music with string quartet, early music chant by four voice choir, composer George Sarah has crafted an unforgettable visual and auditory experience.

After being commissioned by Los Angeles Grand Performances in 2010 to compose and perform a live score for "The Passion of Joan of Arc," George Sarah is in the process of booking live performances of this film score throughout North America and Europe.  Ideal for Classic Film theaters and performing arts centers, this performance is also appropriate for outdoor community-sponsored performances. If you are interested in booking a performance please send a message through CONTACT page.


Tech and stage plot. 


When performing out of state and outside Southern California I work with local musicians for performance. 

Full stereo sound system for music performance with sound engineer and projector to be provided by the venue. 
5 Stage monitors total.  2 shared between 4 for singers. 2 shared between 4 strings and myself the Keyboardist/. 
9 musicians on stage seated. 
Musicians: 4 Vocalist, 4 String players (String Quartet), 1 Keyboardist/Conductor. 
9 chairs (no-armrest) 
9 music stands with stand lights 
4 vocal mics and mic stands for each singer 
4 mics and mic stands for strings 
2 D.I. Boxes or XLR cables for laptop. 
1 small table for interface and laptop. 
1 keyboard stand. 
1 keyboard with midi capability. This is a standard feature in most if not all keyboards. The keyboard will be used to perform sounds in my laptop so any keyboard will do but I will most likely bring my own. 

The 4 singers will be on stage right and the string quartet and myself will be on stage left. 

For the film: 
Working projector to screen film. 

I will need a person to sell CD’s. Artist shall retain 100% of merchandise sales.

Milwaukee Film Fest. Oriental Theatre Oct 18, 2019 (Standing Ovation) Click Image for Video

Paradise Theatre on Bloor. Toronto, Canada Feb 26, 2020

Oak Cliff Film Festival at the Texas Theatre. Dallas, Texas. June 15, 2018. PHOTOS BY DICKIE HILL


Borrego Springs Film Festival Jan 15, 2020 (Standing Ovation)

West Hollywood Feb 8, 2020

FilmScene Iowa City, Iowa: Nov 15, 2019

Sacramento, CA. Crest Theatre Aug 6, 2016. Interview on Capital Public Radio, Submerge Magazine and Sacramento Bee.

Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Performing Arts Saturday April 13, 2019

City Of Laguna Niguel, CA . Sat April 6, 2019

Soka Performing Arts Center and Bowers Museum Oct 28th, and Oct 29th, 2016. OC Register Interview.

Left to Right: Grand Performances downtown Los Angeles. Program for the Sacred Music Fest at Dalton theatre in Kalamazoo, Michigan. A poster for concert at the Freed Theater at Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, Ca